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Welcome to another edition of Dr. Tickle's Instructional Videos. In this new video, Dr. Tickle instructs you, giving you a lesson in tickling anatomy. As Dr. Tickle teaches you, explaining to you the science of tickling and how it relates to the human body, she also describes her favorite tickling techniques while physically demonstrating on her patient as you, the viewer, follow along at home. She reveals all of her secrets, including the most common tickle spots, her most effective tickling methods. Today, her patient is the young and beautiful Olivia Kasady who volunteered to be a part of today's lesson. She did not know what she was in for! Dr. Tickle begins the first part of her lesson with the upper body. As it turns out, Olivia is crazy ticklish, which makes this instructional video even more special. While Dr. Tickle teaches you, the viewer at home, she keeps her patient hysterically laughing, screaming and squirming while suffering in agony as she tickle tortures her, thus proving that her techniques are 100% effective. Some of the lessons addressed include common tickle spots around the upper body, including the armpits, upper arms, chest, breasts, ribs, stomach, abs, belly button, sides and hips; tickling with your fingers; fingering inside the navel; light tickling versus deep digging and much more! As Dr. Tickle works her way around her patients body, Olivia's all natural breasts are wiggling and jiggling all over the place. Olivia has a beautiful smile and braces. She does her best to stand still and take the tickle torture for your instructional enjoyment. Learn from the best tickler with Dr. Tickle instructing you. Under her guidance, you will tickle like a pro! Dr. Tickle is played by Charlee Chase.

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